Before the Vigil つやのよる

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Romantic drama cinema maestro Isao Yukisada and Naoki-Prize winning 
author Areno Inoue
World-renowned director Isao Yukisada makes his anticipated return behind the camera after spending three years developing Before the Vigil, based on Areno Inoue’s original novel.Yukisada crafts Areno's highly-regarded depictions of male and female relationships into superb movie entertainment.

Hiroshi Abe leads a cast of Japan's biggest stars
Leading Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe (Toronto International Film Festival gala selection Thermae Romae) slimmed down considerably in preparation for his captivating performance as the cuckolded husband of wanton wife Tsuya. He is joined by an incredible cast of co-stars including Kyoko Koizumi (Tokyo Sonata), Maho Nonami (Isao Yukisada's Parade), Yoko Maki (Love Strikes!), Shioli Kutsuna( Beck) and Shinobu Ohtake (Postcard).

Director - Isao Yukisada - The Master of Love Stories.
Isao Yukisada is considered one of Japan's leading motion picture directors. Highly praised for his work with ensemble casts, his romantic dramas have received widespread acclaim and a strong following, particularly among female audiences. His feature film directorial debut, "Sunflower," received the FIPRESCI prize at the Busan International Film Festival. Three of his subsequent films, "GO," "a day on the planet," and "Parade," were selected for the Panorama Section of the Berlin International Film Festival. Among them, "Parade" won the FIPRESCI prize at Berlin's 60th edition. "Before the Vigil" marks Yukisada's long-awaited return to the director's chair after a three-year absence.


- A story of women and a love they never knew of.
After running away to live on the sparsely populated island of Oshima with his wife Tsuya, Matsuo (Hiroshi Abe) continues to be troubled by Tsuya's wanton, unfaithful behaviour. When Tsuya is stricken by disease and falls into a coma Matsuo can't bear the thought of losing his beloved partner, even after having been betrayed by her time and time again. Matsuo then decides to inform all the men that were in her life of her impending death.

In Tokyo, various couples and families going about their daily lives receive the news of Tsuya's critical condition. By the reactions of their husbands and boyfriends, the women realize that these men had some kind of physical relationship with Tsuya. The sudden existence of the enigmatic woman throws their lives into confusion.

When the most important person in your life shows you a side of themselves they've never shown before, you truly see them again and reaffirm your love...

Hiroshi Abe (阿部寛), Kyoko Koizumi (小泉今日子), Maho Nonami (野波麻帆),
Jun Fubuki (風吹ジュン), Yoko Maki (真木よう子), Shioli Kutsuna (忽那汐里),
Shinobu Otake (大竹しのぶ)
Isao Yukisada (行定勲)
Chihiro Ito (伊藤ちひろ), Isao Yukisada (行定勲)
Original Novel
Areno Inoue (井上荒野), published by Shinchosha
Japan release
January 26, 2013
Drama, Romance
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch