Call Boy 娼年

©Ira Ishida/SHUEISHA 2017 “Call Boy” Production Committee


The most provocative movie of 2018 becomes a sensational “scandal”

Ira Ishida’s beautifully-written erotic romance novel, nominated for a Naoki Award in 2001, follows the erotic exploits of a call boy named Ryo who finds himself fulfilling various women’s sexual fantasies, affirming their cravings and healing the mental wounds that surround them. The novel earned widespread attention and support from women readers before being adapted to the stage in August 2016, directed by Daisuke Miura and starring Tori Matsuzaka. Selling out every show, the play garnered massive attention due in particular to the actors performing completely nude in front of the audience. Now, the same Miura-Matsuzaka duo have risen to steeper challenges by bringing the story to the silver screen.


A call boy, Ryo, takes a deep look into life and sexuality

Ryo is a bored 20-year-old college student until he meets Shizuka Mido, a beautiful and sophisticated female owner of an exclusive members-only “boys club.” Hired as a call boy, Ryo engages in carnal relations with various mature women, tending to their deepest hidden desires and emotional wounds, and finds himself gradually growing as an empathic human being. The actors stretch themselves to the limit with painstaking attention to both physical and psychological expression, pouring body and soul into a work that will spark controversy in Japanese film for years to come.

Tori Matsuzaka (松坂桃李),
Sei Matobu (真飛聖), Tokuma Nishioka (西岡徳馬) / Kyoko Enami (江波杏子)
Written and Directed
Daisuke Miura (三浦大輔) / “Love’s Whirlpool” (’14), “Someone” (’16)
Original Novel
Ira Ishida (石田衣良)
Japan release
April 6, 2018
Erotic, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch