Every Day a Good Day 日日是好日

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‘Every day a good day’: A Zen expression, originally from the Chinese, meaning ‘by living every day as it comes, you make each day fresh and good.’

A motion picture that draws you into Japan’s famous tea ceremony
Every Day a Good Day stars Haru Kuroki, Silver Bear winner at Berlin for The Little House, as Noriko, with the legendary Kirin Kiki as her tea ceremony teacher, and Mikako Tabe as the cousin whose passing interest sends Noriko on a journey into the heart of ‘tea’. Directing is Tatsushi Ohmori, whose The Ravine of Goodbye won the jury prize at the 2013 Moscow International Film Festival, from‘Life Bible’, a widely admired essay by Noriko Morishita about her 25 years as a student of the tea ceremony. Morishita supervised the filming of the tea ceremony, the motions of the actors, along with the choice of tea cakes, cups, and all the other accoutrements of this highly stylized example of traditional performance art.


Nearing the end of university, Noriko is not having much luck finding either herself or a job when her mother suddenly suggests she study tea ceremony. Noriko is cool to the idea, but her cousin Michiko likes it and suggests they both go. Nearby lives Mrs Takeda, a tea ceremony teacher who, as people say, is not ‘your ordinary old lady.’
In the following years Noriko drifts from job to job, loses a boyfriend and then her father. The only constant in her life is the tea ceremony, in whose tightly prescribed movements and rhythms she eventually finds a unique sense of freedom. With its tea ceremony-inspired emphasis on the five senses and the changing seasons, this is a moving drama that finds life and energy from an unexpected source.

■ 23rd Busan International Film Festival (2018)
 - A Window on Asian Cinema
■ 38th Hawaii International Film Festival (2018)
 - Spotlight on Japan
 - Eat. Drink. Film.
■ 9th Beijing International Film Festival (2019)
 - Panorama
■ 21st Udine Far East Film Festival (2019)
 - Competition
■ Tronto Japanese Film Festival (2019)
■ Camera Japan Festival (2019)
■ Japannual Japanische Filmtage Wien (2019)
■ Japan Film Festival of San Francisco (2019)
■ 38th Vancouver International Film Festival (2019)
 - Gateway
■ Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival (2019)
■ 30th Ljubljana International Film Festival (2019)
 - Panorama
■ Zhejiang Youth International Film Festival (2019)
■ 14th KINOTAYO Film Festival (2019)
 - Competition
■ 8th Helsinki Cine Aasia (2020)
■ Japanese Film Festival Ireland (2020)
■ Asiatiska Film Festivalen (2021)

Haru Kuroki (黒木華), Kirin Kiki (樹木希林), Mikako Tabe (多部未華子)
Written and Directed
Tatsushi Omori (大森立嗣) / “TADA'S DO-IT-ALL HOUSE” ’11
Original Novel
Noriko Morishita (森下典子)
Japan release
October 13, 2018
100 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch
OFFICIAL SITE:http://www.nichinichimovie.jp