Good Stripes グッド・ストライプス

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The film stars Akiko Kikuchi who has built up a unique world view that has made her widely popular among Japanese youth. While active as a model and actress, she also serves as editor-in-chief of a sublime fashion and lifestyle mook (magazine/book) called “Mush” that enjoys a strong female readership. With her diversity of talents and interests, Kikuchi is perfect casting for bringing the role of Midori to life. In the role of the city bred, non-assertive “grass-eating type” Mao is cast Ayumu Nakajima, a rising star who captured the hearts of women audiences with his role in the NHK serial drama, “Hanako & Anne”. Yukiko Sode, winner of numerous film festival awards at home and abroad, makes her feature-length film debut as director. The birth of a new kind of love story that begins with “marriage” and delves into a current of modern relationships where male and female partners seek to follow and accept each other’s lifestyles.


Good stripes = wonderful parallel lines

I have my life. You have yours. We’ll just have to accept that. It’s a new type of romance… that begins with marriage.

Midori and Mao have been together for four years and the relationship is growing dull. She is the free-spirited artsy type while he comes from a privileged family. Just as the two are thinking of breaking up, Midori discovers she is pregnant! They decide to marry and start a life together that quickly exposes the vast difference in values and upbringing. With wedding plans underway, they dig up roots from each other’s lives they hadn’t previously known.

Akiko Kikuchi (菊池亜希子) ,Ayumu Nakajima (中島歩)
Written and Directed
Yukiko Sode (岨手由貴子)
Japan release
May 30, 2015
Drama, Romance, Comedy
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch