In a World Without You Tomorrow 明日、キミのいない世界で



At last, Japan’s biggest YouTuber agency, “UUUM”, enters the movie business!
Starring 2 of Japan’s most indisputably popular YouTubers!

The protagonist is “Soraci”, leader of “Avntis” with 1.6 million channel subscribers and 630 million total views. Playing Soraci’s friend is Tetsuya, astoundingly popular leader of “Tokai On Air” with 4.71 million channel subscribers and 4.52 billion total views! These two enormously popular voices of today’s youth are now looking to shake up the film industry!


The last summer of high school. Makoto meets a girl who suffers from amnesia. Until she can recover her memory, he brings her into his home, creating a spring of youth fantasy full of bittersweet emotions for a group of high school teens living in the country.
Makoto is a senior at a high school in the countryside. Ever since he was a child and was told he would lose his father to cancer, he has never cried. His childhood friends, Shinpei and Haruka have been his friends for as long as he can remember. Shinpei is the group clown who dreams of someday becoming a famous YouTuber. But internally, he’s in love with Haruka and realizes that she secretly harbors feelings for Makoto instead.
It is the last summer of high school, and Makoto meets a girl who suffers from amnesia. His heartstrings tugged at seeing her alone and crying at a bus stop, Makoto resolves to help. So he puts her up at his house until she can recover her memory. The only clue to that is a crumpled up bank transfer statement in her pocket that reads “Mizuki Seika”, a name. So he starts to call her “Mizuki.” Makoto finds himself gradually attracted to her straightforward and easygoing character. But while seeking to probe her memory, a mysterious figure appears who seemingly knows something about her. This man, Higurashi, begins recounting events somewhat suggestively. But who is he? Makoto harbors some anxiety that if Mizuki’s memory were to return, she might disappear from his life. Meanwhile, relations begin to crumble between himself, Shinpei and Haruka with hope hinging on finding out what secrets Mizuki hides.

Soraci / Avntis (そらちぃ / アバンティーズ)
Natsume Mito (三戸なつめ)
Tetsuya / Tokai On Air (てつや / 東海オンエア)
Riuji Yoshizaki (吉崎崇二)
Japan release
January 10, 2020
105 min.
Youth Fantasy
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch