Last Night Rewind ゆらり

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A legendary stage production returns by popular demand as a feature film!
After Mitsutoshi Saijo’s theatrical troupe, “Taiyo Magic” won rave reviews in 2013 with “Yurari,” calls came immediately for a command performance. The play, which showcases Saijo’s great comedic sense as a beloved comedian also revealed his talent for depicting the endearing warmth of family relations. This led to a much-anticipated command performance revival in June 2015, and a packed 10-day run, ultimately prompting a decision to turn the play into a movie.

Directing “Yurari” is Hatsuki Yokoo, who upon seeing the play ardently implored Saijo to let him borrow the screenplay and turn it into a live-action feature film. It would be the first feature length film for this cutting edge director of television dramas and music videos.


Yukari feigns kidnapping to test her mother’s love. Rinka finds her biggest regret at her mom’s deathbed. Miwa lovingly watches over her daughter’s “big lie”. And a small miracle happens in this touching depiction of family across three generations
Chapter 1. Rinka is matron of a small country inn, unable to understand why her only daughter, Yukari (age 4) is so angry with her. Yukari, yearning for her mother to cry for her, takes part in a plot hatched jokingly by her father to pretend she’s been abducted. Chapter 2. Yukari is now 33 and single mother to a child of her own, a boy named Sora, age 8. One day he asks her if there is no God, to which Yukari, using a little magic her grandfather had once shown her, presents him with “a letter from God.” Chapter 3. Rewind into the past and Rinka’s own mother, Miwa, is still alive and healthy. In a merging of timelines, the inn is visited by Yukari (38) as a full-grown woman. She sees her mother Rinka constantly angry with her grandmother, Miwa. On that day, Rinka discovers an odd remote control device that can rewind time. It provides Rinka with a small miracle. If only she could relive the last night of her mother’s life. Anyone would love the ability to have a do over; to rewind time. What happens when that opportunity arises?

Maya Okano (岡野真也), Minori Hagiwara (萩原みのり), Shigeyuki Totsugi (戸次重幸),
Hiroyuki Hirayama (平山浩行), Ikkei Watanabe (渡辺いっけい)
Hatsuki Yokoo (横尾初喜)
Mitsutoshi Saijo (西条みつとし)
Japan release
November 4, 2017
112 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch