Melancholic メランコリック

© One Goose


A refreshing feature debut by Seiji Tanaka that made a sensational splash in the Japanese film world!
The first-time director promptly wins “Best Director Award” at the Tokyo International Film Festival! (Japanese Cinema Splash)
Plus “Best First Film” (White Mulberry Award) at the 21st Udine Far East Film Festival.
With a movie that took the Japanese cinematic world by storm in 2019 a la One Cut of the Dead.
Now receiving rave reviews on the film festival circuit worldwide!

A team of unknowns achieves a miracle
One Goose, the production collective responsible for “Melancholic,” is comprised of three filmmakers who are the same age. For this project, they functioned respectively as producer/actor, writer/director/actor/editor, and actor/action director. Their passion for filmmaking surges through the film, which has transcended its independent origins to create a sensation at numerous film festivals. It won Best Director in the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Japanese Cinema Splash category as well as other accolades around the world, and also became a stunning box office success for an indie movie, reminiscent of the 2018 phenomenon “One Cut of the Dead.”

Unpredictable twists and turns
The lives and machinations of unique characters intertwine in the mysterious setting of a public bath at midnight. While protagonist Kazuhiko finds himself at the mercy of an unexpected turn of events, viewers will also become drawn into the unpredictably twisting story. Young talent and passion has brought about a refreshingly entertaining film that crosses effortlessly between its genre elements, including suspense, comedy, action, and drama.


Wash away your troubles, then rinse off the blood.
Kazuhiko’s life is going nowhere. After graduating from a prestigious university, he works part-time while living at home with his parents. One night, he goes to a public bathhouse and is reunited by chance with his high school classmate Yuri. Following her suggestion, he begins working there.
Kazuhiko goes on several dates with Yuri, and strikes up a rapport with his bathhouse colleague Matsumoto. Things seem to be looking up.
However, one night at the bathhouse, Kazuhiko witnesses something shocking. His workplace is being used after hours as a site for executions, and it turns out that Matsumoto has been hired primarily for his talent for killing. Having seen too much, Kazuhiko is forced to join in the bathhouse’s murderous sideline.
Before long, Kazuhiko develops a bizarre bond with Matsumoto, which will eventually change his life forever. His destiny takes a sudden swerve towards an unknown destination.
As he struggles hopelessly to deal with his situation, a more fulfilling future unexpectedly begins to reveal itself.
While traversing genres such as suspense, comedy, and action, this film follows Kazuhiko’s bloody journey of self-discovery.

■ 31th Tokyo International Film Festival (2018)
 - Best Director Award for Japanese Cinema Splash
■ 21st Udine Far East Film Festival (2019)
 - White Mulberry Award
■ 19th Nippon Connection in Frankfurt (2019)
 - Audience Award for Nippon Visions
■22nd Shanghai International Film Festival (2019)
 - Panorama
■ 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2019)
 - World Fantastic Blue
■ Japan Cuts in NY (2019)
 - Audience Award
■ Asian Pop Cinema in Cicago (2019)
 - Audience Award
■ Camera Japan in Amsterdam (2019)
 - Young Jury Award
■ 38th Vancouver International Film Festival (2019)
 - Dragons & Tigers
■ JAPANNUAL in Vienna (2019)
■ Asian Film Festival Barcelona (2019)
 - Official Panorama Section
■ Asian Pop-up CINEMA (2020)
 - Online Screening of the previous award-winning titles
■ Japanese Film Festival Singapore (2020)
■ Stream Dreams Film Screenings (2021)
■ Japan Film Festival Brussels (2021)

Yoji Minagawa (皆川暢二), Yoshitomo Isozaki (磯崎義知), Mebuki Yoshida(吉田芽吹)
Written and Directed
Seiji Tanaka (田中征爾)
Japan release
August 3, 2019
114 min.
Comedy, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / Digital / 5.1ch / 1:2.35