Opening Night はらはらなのか

© 2017 “Opening Night” Production Committee


Starring Nanoka Hara and Rena Matsui (ex SKE48), Music by CHARAN-PO-RANTAN, Directed by Mai Sakai!
◆Nanoka Hara

Nanoka Hara made her debut as a model when she was six years old. In the 2016 TV drama “The Morning Will Come” she gave a widely acclaimed performance as a girl who gets pregnant at the age of twelve. She was selected as one of eight actresses to watch in Japanese Magazines. She plays her namesake in the film, a young actress, dreaming of stardom but searching for the truth.

◆Rena Matsui
Rena Matsui was one of the lead singers in the popular idle group SKE48. When she left the group in 2015 she began to work as a stage and screen actress.

The hugely talented and world famous duo are followed by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and have had offers to work with international artists such as the guitarist from Pink Floyd. They made all the original songs and music for the fillm.

◆Mai Sakai
Mai Sakai won six awards for her independent film, “Be a Light to the World” at the MOOSIC LAB Film and Music Festival. This film is her debut feature as a commercial film director.


A charming light-hearted fantasy comedy with a big heart and lovely music, for young audiences who don’t want to grow up.
Since her mother’s death Nanoka has dreamed of being a famous actress just like her. But she struggles to find the time while she is at school and she lives in a small town. Then one day she gets the chance to appear in a play in the town and things begin to change and to become very strange. Another Nanoka, an invisible double appears to help her, and the story of the play has strange echoes of her own life. As reality and fantasy blend Nanoka becomes even more confused, as she tries to find her own real path as an actress.

Nanoka Hara (原菜乃華), Rena Matsui (松井玲奈)
Written and Directed
Mai Sakai (酒井麻衣)
Script advisor / Based on the play
Zuimaro Awashima
Japan release
April 1, 2017
100 min.
Drama, Musical
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.66/ Digital / 5.1ch