Residents of Evil 真・事故物件 本当に怖い住人たち


A horror film project by occult media TOCANA!
A horror project by Japan’s occult website TOCANA. Japan’s Film Classification and Rating Organization originally refused to evaluate the screenplay as its depiction of splatter and violence was deemed too graphic, proving the film’s status as a genuine horror movie.
The film is written and directed by Katsumi Sasaki. His previous title, When You Wish Upon a Star (2019), was screened at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, where it gained attention with its fierce portrayal of violence and unique cinematography. The following year, it was presented at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, further establishing Sasaki as a budding artisan of violent cinema.
Although this latest release shows all the trappings of a classic J horror flick at first, its brutal killing of the female lead midway through the story shocked and astounded audiences from horror fans to splatter enthusiasts alike, offering a new take on the genre.


Persuaded by her manager, aspiring actress Himeko reluctantly takes part in a ghost hunt on YouTube. She must move into an apartment building that was the site of gruesome murders and film the ghosts that are said to haunt it.
And thus begins Himeko’s life with two female YouTubers in the unsettling apartments. Soon, strange phenomena begin to occur. A blood-covered female figure appears on camera, a mysterious woman wanders about the building, and the man living next door is very suspicious.
When Himeko searches an apartment in the building that feels particularly odd, she finds the implements of bizarre rituals along with a severed head. As she attempts to flee in horror, she is captured and brutally killed. The two other girls search for her, but they too are caught. The apartment building then becomes the site for a horrifying and bloody ritual.

Cocoro Ebino (海老野心), Kento Ono (小野健斗)
Katusmi Sasaki (佐々木勝己)
Japan release
February 18, 2022