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Director Masanori Tominaga is back with a new movie packed with his signature ar8s8c edginess and unique sense of humor. An ero8c thriller with a touch of comedy!
Masanori Tominaga is a director who is an2cipated to become a leading voice in an en2rely new genera2on of Japanese filmmakers. He already has a cult following and is known for winning various short film awards. This 2me he has given birth to an ero2c and violent film using his unique sense of humor and stylish direc2ng.
The cast consists of Takahiro Miura (The Eternal Zero, My Man, Kids Return: The Reunion) who is the son of Tomokazu Miura and legendary singer Momoe Yamaguchi, Erisa Yanagi (A Gentle Breeze in the Village, Gu Gu the Cat, Capturing Dad), Yota Kawase (Pandemic, Love for Beginners) and more.
This is an ero2c thriller with a comedic touch about a former teacher and his students who are reunited due to a peeping film!


A peeping film from 10 years ago shows nude footage of a future celebrity!
The reunion of a terrible teacher and his students causes a wild incident!

Kan’ichi (Takahiro Miura) is a man who works in a wet towels factory. One day he reunites with Gondo (Yota Kawase) his homeroom teacher from high school. 10 years ago, Gondo had been caught for filming the girl’s locker room and vanished from the public eyes. Meanwhile, Kan’ichi’s friend Shigeo had always been trying to find a copy of Gondo’s peeping film because his classmate in high school was a girl called Tomomi (Juri Ibata) who would later go on to become a famous celebrity. As Shigeo and his crew impeach Gondo, Kan’ichi steals Gondo’s lover Mihari (Erisa Yanagi) who is a hostess. But just when Gondo loses all that he has, he realizes that he is feeling a sense of freedom that he’d never felt before in his life. This gives Gondo the strength to join Shigeo and together they sell Tomomi’s video to her produc2on agency. On top of that, Gondo starts having an affair with the housewife who lives next door. Then, Tomomi approaches Kan’ichi and asks him to scaTer the video everywhere. Kan’ichi follows her orders and he posts the video online and it goes viral. This infuriates the produc2on agency and they claim Gondo and Shigeo for the damages at an incredibly high price. Having lost all his possessions, Shigeo tries to kill Kan’ichi. It’s then that Gondo steps into prevent his former students from killing one another. However...

Takahiro Miura (三浦貴大), Erisa Yanagi (柳英里紗), Yota Kawase (川瀬陽太),
Yuya Takagawa (高川裕也)

Written and Directed
Masanori Tominaga (冨永昌敬)
(“The Pavillion Salamandre’06",“Pandora’s Box‘09",“Vengeance Can Wait’10”)
Japan release
June 13, 2015
Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Romance
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35/ Digital / 5.1ch