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The Cinematic Adaptation of Lauded Japanese Poetry Collection, Ranhansha, (Scattered Reflection)
Based on the award-winning Japanese tanka poetry book of the same name, Ranhansha (Scattered Reflections, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan Publishing Co., Ltd.), was penned by Nao Kojima between the ages of 17 and 20, as she became the youngest ever recipient of the distinguished Kadokawa Prize for Poetry while a high school student.

2011’s Most Intriguing Young Actress, Mirei Kiritani, Cast in her 
Breakout Lead Role!
Selected to play the lead role in the film is Mirei Kiritani, a charismatic fashion model (Seventeen Magazine) immensely popular among teenagers, but who has recently developed into one of the country’s most promising and sought-after film and television stars. Her bio to date includes lead roles in the feature length movies, RUNWAY☆BEAT ('11), Jean Waltz ('11) and From Me to You ('10) plus television series, Arakawa Under the Bridge ('11) and Jotei Kaoruko ('10).

Japan’s Cinematic Future Showcased by Mirei Kiritani and Up-and- 
Coming Leading Man
Playing opposite Mirei Kiritani in Scattered Reflections is Japan Academy Award Winner for Best New Actor, Takahiro Miura, who made his film acting debut with RAILWAYS in 2010, and has since appeared in numerous works.

The crew of TIME TRAVELLER, the girl who leapt through time reunite 
around their love of a screenplay
Director Masaaki Taniguchi reassembled the talented staff and crew from his blockbuster 2010 hit feature film, TIME TRAVELLER, the girl who leapt through time, (which catapulted leading lady Riisa Naka to great fame). This time, the team was dying to work with Mirei Kiritani and on these scripts. They subsequently succeeded in proving to the world that Mirei Kiritani with her natural cinematic sense and acting talent is on the verge of a breakout as Japan's next major film heroine.


She sang from the heart, but it wasn't a song of love. Until 
one summer event... First Love, First Feelings.
High school sophomore, Shima, is the youngest winner ever of an esteemed award for poetry. But she also longs to be an ordinary teenager. When a popular boy at school, Kento, asks her to go steady, Shima finds she has difficulty opening up to him, leading to a breakup. As she falls into a fit of despair and self-doubt, she is suddenly reunited with Kodai, a childhood friend now in college who is home for summer break. When she impulsively drags him along on a trip of emotional healing, she finds herself having to come to grips with her scattered reflections.

Mirei Kiritani (桐谷美玲),Takahiro Miura (三浦貴大),Reiko Takashima (高島礼子)
Masaaki Taniguchi (谷口正晃)
Kanno Tomoe (菅野友恵)
Original Poetry
Nao Kojima (小島なお)
Japan release
August 6, 2011
Drama, Romance
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Stereo