Shanti Days: 365 Days of Happy Breathing シャンティデイズ

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Yoga, practiced by 20 million people worldwide, has made it to the movies!
With over 200 million people around the world now practicing yoga, this film seeks to harness its positive energy as main motif for a heartwarming story about the spiritual growth and friendship of two women. At the end of the film, audiences can partake in a short lesson in “beauty meditation” for anti-aging and healthy skin practiced by such Hollywood celebrities as Madonna and Miranda Kerr.

Rising actress Mugi Kadowaki and top model Jessica Michibata
After a career-launching performance in “Love’s Whirlpool” (’14), rising actress Mugi Kadowaki pairs up with the hugely popular, top model Jessica Michibata, in “Shanti Days” to play the two lead female roles. They are supported by Jun Murakami (“Himizu”) who plays a gay bar owner and Dean Fujioka (藤岡靛) as Michibata’s beau. Fujioka debuted in the 2005 Hong Kong film, “August Story”, and appeared in several Taiwan TV drama series, such as “Corner With Love”oand “Just You” before taking the Asian film world by “Road Less Traveled” (’11), and “Black & White: The Dawn of Assault (’12).

Written and directed by Koto Nagata, Shunji Iwai pupil
Nagata’s directorial drama, “Mischievous Kiss: LOVE in TOKYO / 一吻定情” (starring Yuki Furukawa) earned the distinction of being the first Japanese television drama to be distributed simultaneously in Japan and China via Chinese telecom company, iQiYi, reaching the number one rank for foreign dramas throughout the show’s airing. Even prior to its distribution, the show had achieved historical attention with all of China’s top newspapers competing to run special features on the program. Nagata is currently filming her next drama in Taiwan.


A country girl and a top Tokyo model find a bond through miracle of yoga
Miku arrives in Tokyo from the countryside wide-eyed and without a clue as to where to begin her cosmopolitan life. Until she comes across a yoga lesson taught by a stunningly beautiful model and yoga instructor named Kumi. Miku is thoroughly captivated by Kumi, practically stalking her and throwing Kumi’s well-oiled daily regimen off balance. Gradually however, Miku’s innocent and unaffected personality rubs off on the perfect and self-absorbed Kumi, giving way to a budding friendship. Miku provides Kumi with the warmth of true friendship, while Kumi teaches Miku grace, through yoga and fashion. Just as the two seem inseparable, Kumi begins to lose control of her life, starting with her boyfriend, then her top model status to a younger rival and finally to strained relations with Miku. Kumi collapses from mental fatigue. With both girls’ lives in turmoil, they turn again to yoga.

Mugi Kadowaki (門脇麦), Jessica Michibata (道端ジェシカ), Dean Fujioka (藤岡靛),
Jun Murakami (村上淳)
Written and Directed
Koto Nagata (永田琴)
(“Little DJ”, “Shibuya Maruyama Story”, “Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo /「一吻定情」")
Japan release
October 25, 2014
Technical Specs
Color /1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch