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An edutainment exposing the hidden secrets of the investing world.
The Producer and director Takahiro Sato is the founder and former president of a leading company that solves social problems (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market listed). On the other hand, he also has an aspect as an angel investor who invests in about 50 mainly venture companies. Sato realized the asymmetricity of the information by changing his role from the side of being invested to the side of investing.
The investors who come from entrepreneurial backgrounds are not lying or deceiving. They just don’t tell the truth because they haven’t been asked to.
This film is a financial and economic story about such angel investors who gloat and depict perspectives that only they can know or realize, but are actually quite significant.


This is a film about finance and economics that depicts the asymmetricity of information in the field of angel investing.
Foreseeing the "coming age of the Internet," Irving launched an online shopping company with his friends and had it listed on a public stock exchange. While continuing to manage the company after it went public, Irving borrowed a large amount of money using his shares as collateral and began making "angel investments" in young entrepreneurs from around the world.
One day, Irving meets a young entrepreneur, Cal Benn, and is fascinated by his outstanding ideas, and he becomes deeply involved in Cal's company, making several large investments. Cal also changes in the rapid growth of his company's market capitalization, and he creates a false image of his company in order to further increase its market capitalization. Then, Cal's scandal is leaked to the press, and the illusion is revealed to the public. Cal escaped by selling his shares in advance, while Irving lost all his assets and family, and was left penniless.

Reza Emamiyeh, Bob Werley
Takahiro Sato (佐藤崇弘)
Japan release
116 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch