#HandballStrive #ハンド全力

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The latest film by globally-acclaimed director, Daigo Matsui, following up on Wonderful World End, 65th Berlin International Film Festival entry (Generation 14Plus competition), and Haruko Azumi is Missing, 29th Tokyo International Film Festival competition entry.
The film is directed by the versatile Daigo Matsui, who has churned out one hit after another, including Wonderful World End (’15) and Haruko Azumi is Missing (’16), and winning praise at home and broad for his outside-the-box cinematic style. Matsui has also debuted as a novelist. Here, he brings a unique and vibrant perspective to depicting country high school life, driving at the heart of what’s important in a world increasingly controlled by social media.
Giving life-size vigor to the leading role of Masao Kiyota is the popular Seishiro Kato, whom many have followed since he was a child actor. The role of his childhood friend, Okamoto, is played by Kotaro Daigo, who rocketed to attention as the lead voice in the Makoto Shinkai- anime, Weathering With You (’19). They are supported by a plucky group of up-and-coming young acting talent.


The school’s handball club is about to close down. Can social media bring it back to life?
Masao Kiyota is a high school student living in Japan’s southern Kumamoto Prefecture. Lacking passion for anything in life, he spends his days like so many youth on his smartphone along with his childhood friend, Okamoto. One day, they upload a photo taken three years previously when they were both part of their school’s handball team. To their surprise, the post goes a little viral. Encouraged, they add the hashtag: “#Handball Full Power” and are swarmed with “likes” from around the country. Amidst the sudden social media attention, Masao and Okamoto set to resuscitating a nearly defunct men’s handball team.

■ 22nd Udine Far East Film Festival (2020)
 - Official Competition
■ 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (2020)
 - International Panorama, SPECTRUM - NIPPON EXPRESS
■ 11th La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival (2020)
 - Perspectives
■ Chinese Youth Film Week (2020)
■ 40th Hawaii International Film Festival (2020)
 - Spotlight on Japan, Asian Showcase

Seishiro Kato (加藤清史郎)
Kotaro Daigo (醍醐虎汰朗)
Aju Makita (蒔田彩珠)
Haruka Imou (芋生悠)
Daigo Matsui (松居大悟)
Daigo Matsui (松居大悟)
Dai Sato (佐藤大)
Japan release
July 31, 2020
108 min.
Youth, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch
OFFICIAL SITE:http://handzenryoku.com/