My Name is Yours 君が世界のはじまり

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Highly regarded and multitalented filmmaker, author, and theatrical director Momoko Fukuda adapts her own prize-winning novel into an extraordinary new feature film.
“My Name is Yours” is the second feature by director Momoko Fukuda, an up-and-coming female filmmaker whose talent has drawn considerable attention. In 2015, her short film project was selected for New Directions in Japanese Cinema (NDJC), an Agency of Culture Affairs initiative to assist promising filmmakers which has boosted the careers of directors such as Ryota Nakano (“Her Love Boils Bathwater”). The short was later adapted by Fukuda herself into her 2019 feature debut, “My Father, the Bride.”
Not limiting herself to cinema, Fukuda also made her debut as an author in 2016 with the novella “En,” which won the 40th Subaru Literary Award. The following year saw the publication of her sophomore literary effort “Blue Hearts o Kiita Yoru, Kimi to Kissu shite Sayonara” (Listening to The Blue Hearts at night, kissing you and saying goodbye). These two novellas were reassembled to form the basis for the feature film “My Name is Yours,” interweaving their special stories full of the explosive energy of youth.

Its screenplay was penned by Kosuke Mukai, known for such critically lauded films as “Linda Linda Linda” (2005), “Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow” (2016), and “Gukoroku: Traces of Sin” (2017), as well as the internationally popular television series “Midnight Diner.”

Starring one of Japan’s most prominent and promising young actresses, Honoka Matsumoto!
The central character of En is played by Honoka Matsumoto, who also starred in “My Father, the Bride.” After making her showbiz debut by following in the footsteps of popular actress Kasumi Arimura, she was chosen from among 3,000 hopefuls in an open audition to play the lead in the television adaptation of “In This Corner of The World” (2018). This instantly elevated her profile and subsequently made her a hot property in films, television series, and commercials, winning a succession of starring roles in films such as “Mio on the Shore” (2019), an official selection of the 41st Moscow International Film Festival, and “A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad’s an Alcoholic” (2020). With a number of new movies set for release including “Mio's Cookbook” (2020, Toei) and “Aokute Itakute Moroi” (2020, Toho), Matsumoto has burst onto the scene as one of the leading actresses of the next generation.


High school students struggle to survive, and search for the beginnings of a new world. A breathtaking coming-of-age film for a new age, that blasts open breathing space in society’s maddening status quo!
En is top of her year at school, and Kotoko ranks at rock bottom, but they’ve been close friends since they were little. One day, they see classmate Narihira crying, and Kotoko falls in love at first sight. It seems that Narihira is buckling under the weight of caring for his mentally unstable father.
Meanwhile, En’s classmate Jun, who is full of resentment for her own father, discovers the private predicament of fellow student Io who has just relocated from Tokyo, which leads to them becoming physically intimate. At the same time, En struggles with a secret of her own...
Set in a country town in Osaka, this coming-of-age ensemble movie vividly conveys the growing pains of six high school students feeling suffocated by their youth.

■ 16th CAMERA JAPAN Festival (2021)
■ Japannual - Japanische Filmtage in Wien (2021)

Honoka Matsumoto (松本穂香) / Seina Nakata (中田青渚), Yuki Katayama (片山友希),
Daichi Kaneko (金子大地), Shouma Kai (甲斐翔真), Pei Omuro (小室ぺい)
Original story by
Momoko Fukuda (ふくだももこ)
Directed by
Momoko Fukuda (ふくだももこ)
Screenplay by
Kosuke Mukai (向井康介)
Japan release
July 31, 2020
115 min.
Youth, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / Digital / 5.1ch / 1:2.35