Reon レオン

© Tomohide Kiyoshi・Kaori Okura © Kodansha 2018 “Reon” Production Committee


A rich cast of character actors serve up some outrageous comedy starring Jiyoung and Naoto Takenaka in reverse alpha male and effete female roles, with Ikusaburo Yamazaki, Aya Omasa and Ryo Yoshizawa!

With Reon, Jiyoung becomes a leading lady for the first time in a feature length film after building a strong portfolio in television dramas and movie supporting roles. Here, she really goes for it, fully extending her budding talent by taking on a comedy in which she must play a man! Meanwhile, legendary character actor, Naoto Takenaka, is the perfect person to play a womanizing company boss who suddenly turns effete, giving him a chance to open the throttle on a proven comedic talent that knows no bounds! Japanese model and actress, Aya Omasa, plays Reon’s best friend, while Ryo Yoshizawa is a buttoned-up company man who finds himself falling for Reo, the male company boss! Ikusaburo Yamazaki rounds out the all-star cast as a company playboy who trifles with Reon. The high octane ensemble is let loose under the talented direction of Renpei Tsukamoto with his unique comedic sense, and a screenplay by Erika Yoshida. The fun is just beginning!


A curvaceous female temp worker swaps body with a rich womanizing CEO? Get ready for a racy, uproariously entertaining tale of trading places!
With a little effort, Reon Takanashi, could be a ravishing beauty with knockout curves, but right now she’s merely a listless temp worker in an office. Meanwhile, the company is run by an autocratic president, Leo Asahina, who has a 500 million dollar a year business and a penchant for womanizing. But one fateful day, the two are involved in a traffic accident only to wake up the next morning having swapped bodies! Now, a temp worker and a company president, exact opposites in gender, social standing and personality must now inhabit each other’s lives! On top of that, they must confront a hostile company take over plot by members of the president’s family! Can they survive in each other’s skin? Or is this a recipe for forbidden office romance between boss and employee? Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be bonkers!

Jiyoung (知英), Aya Omasa (大政絢), Ryo Yoshizawa (吉沢亮), Shinji Saito (斉藤慎二),
Ikusaburo Yamazaki (山崎育三郎) / Naoto Takenaka (竹中直人)
Renpei Tsukamoto (塚本連平) / “700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police” ’08
Script Writter
Erika Yoshida (吉田恵里香) / "No Longer Heroin" '15
Original Comic
Tomohide Kiyoshi (清智英), Kaori Okura (大倉かおり) published by Kodansha
Japan release
February 24, 2018
100 min.
Romance, Comedy
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch