Sin and Evil 罪と悪

Ⓒ2023 “Sin and Evil” Production Committee


Explore the true nature of sin and evil in a highly original suspense film by an up-and-coming new director, and featuring a talented cast led by Kengo KORA.
Yuki SAITO makes his feature film directorial debut after long serving as assistant director for such master filmmakers as Kazuyuki IZUTSU and Ryuichi HIROKI. Saito also penned the screenplay for this gritty story set in a rural town located in his native home of Fukui Prefecture. The film explores the dark psyches of a group of boyhood friends struggling with the guilt and agony of a past crime, slowly building to a suspenseful climax.
Kengo KORA plays a local man who has born sole responsibility for a crime he committed with his friends when he was a boy, and has grown into a part of the local underworld ever since. Shunsuke DAITOH takes on the role of his former best friend who left town following the incident only to return years later as a city-hardened detective. The supporting cast features a talented ensemble of veteran actors, including Koichi SATO and Kippei SHIINA who lend added depth and credence to this suspense-laden directorial debut.


Are all sins inherently evil? Three men who have lived their lives unable to escape their childhood sins are forced to reexamine themselves after a new murder takes place in their insular hometown.
A backwater country town in Fukui Prefecture is home to best friends Haru, Akira, Masaki, Saku, and their younger brother Naoya. Their lives are suddenly upturned one day when Masaki's dead body is found in the river that runs through the center of town. As the small town becomes awash in fear, Haru, Akira, and Saku visit a creepy old man who lives on the outskirts of town whom they suspect murdered Masaki. But in their heated confusion to get at the truth, they end up killing him. Haru insists that he alone should take the blame, and burns down the old man's house. Twenty years later, a boy's body is found in the same river where Masaki died. Akira, who has returned to his hometown as a detective, is assigned to the investigation. The trail of the murdered boy leads him to a surprising reunion with Haru, who has led a local crime syndicate since his release from a juvenile reformatory. The latest murder opens up old wounds of sin and guilt as the two begin to question who was really responsible for Masaki’s death years ago, leading them to a reunion with Saku. Confronted once again with the crime they committed years ago, the former best friends eventually arrive at a horrifying truth.

Kengo Kora (高良健吾), Shunsuke Daitoh (大東駿介), Takuya Ishida (石田卓也), Kippei Shiina (椎名桔平), Koichi Sato (佐藤浩市)
Written & Directed by
Yuki Saito (斎藤勇起)
Japan release
February 2, 2024
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.66 / Digital / 5.1ch