And Then There Was Light

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Shion Miura’s fiery crime suspense thriller comes to life on screen starring Arata Iura and Eita and a stellar supporting cast under the direction of Tatsushi Omori, winner of a special jury award at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Shion Miura has penned a bevy of novels that have been turned into hit feature-length films, including The Great Passage (’13) and Wood Job! (’14). Tatsushi Omori is a director who is rapidly earning global acclaim beginning with a special jury award at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival for The Ravine of Goodbye, ‘13. Now these two powerhouse creators combine for a film with a stellar cast headed by established actors Arata Iura (The Extreme Sukiyaki, ’13), Eita (Mix, ’17 and April Bride, ’09) and Kyoko Hasegawa (Black Widow Business, ’16 & Rain Fall, ’09) and featuring the extremely popular and sultry, Manami Hashimoto. With film score by global techno music master, Jeff Mills, And Then There Was Light yields the combined talents of a select cast and crew in a heart-stopping thriller.


A teen kills for his girl. 25 years later, a witness reappears to rehash the past and send their lives spiraling out of control!

On Mihama, an island off the coast of Tokyo, a middle school student, Nobuyuki, will do anything for his beautiful girlfriend and classmate, Mika. Until one night, when he catches her in the arms of another man. But thinking quickly, Mika responds by pretending that she is being molested and calls for Nobuyuki’s help. Nobuyuki naturally obliges and ends up killing the man. But someone witnessed the incident: a young neighbor named Tasuku, who looks up to Nobuyuki. That night, a devastating tsunami hits the island, wiping out most of its residents. All is quiet.
Fast forward 25 years later, and Mika has become an actress leading a glamorous life. Nobuyuki, meanwhile, is married to another woman and has a 5-year-old daughter. The past appears to have been buried for good, until one day the only witness to the crime, Tasuku, reappears with a vendetta on his mind. First, he seduces Nobuyuki’s wife and begins an illicit affair with her. He then sends incriminating evidence of the long-lost crime to Mika. Once again, Nobuyuki finds himself needing to protect Mika. But the past has returned to life to haunt and destroy them all in this fiercely-wrought crime thriller.

Arata Iura (井浦新), Eita (瑛太), Kyoko Hasegawa (長谷川京子), Manami Hashimoto (橋本マナミ),
Kaho Minami (南果歩), Mitsuru Hirata (平田満)
Written and Directed
Tatsushi Omori (大森立嗣) / “TADA'S DO-IT-ALL HOUSE” ’11
Original Novel
Shion Miura (三浦しをん) / "The Great Passage" '13
Japan release
November 25, 2017
Thriller, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch