Aristocrats あのこは貴族



A new feature from one of Japan’s fastest-rising young woman directors
Director Yukiko Sode is one of Japan’s most-hoped-for young writer-directors, whose first feature-length work, “Mime-mime”, won the 2008 Vancouver International Film Festival’s Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema, and was nominated the same year for the New Talent Award at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Her first commercial feature, “Good Stripes” (15) won the Shindo Kaneto gold prize for new directors.
Aristocrats is based on a novel by Mariko Yamauchi, who brings reality to her descriptions of small-town life in such titles as “It’s Boring Here, Pick Me Up” (Director: Ryuichi Hiroki/’18) and “Haruko Azumi is Missing”(Director: Daigo Matsui/’16).
A stellar cast includes Mugi Kadowaki (“Love’s Whirlpool”, “Dare To Stop Us”), Kiko Mizuhara (“Norwegian Wood”, “Attack On Titan”), and Kengo Kora (“Sad Vacation”, “A Story of Yonosuke”).


Portraits of #Neo Aristocrats in Tokyo, the scenery is fading every moment.
Hanako, born to sheltered privilege in Tokyo, is in her late 20s when her fiancé breaks off with her, and for the first time in her life finds herself at a crossroads. After a round of unsuccessful ‘arranged-marriage’ meetings and blind dates, she meets Koichiro, the lawyer scion of a wealthy family.
Miki, on the other hand, works in Tokyo but was born in a small town. Hard work got her into an exclusive Tokyo university, but her family finances forced her to work part-time as a hostess, after which she dropped out. At 32, with no boyfriend, she is managing to eke out a living in the big city.
The two women, of vastly different backgrounds, encounter each other over the same man, and their different worlds come into contact. The story depicts life in the metropolis for two women of different social classes.

■ 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival (2020)
 - Special Screenings section
■ 50th Rotterdam International Film Festival (2021)
 - Big Screen Competition
■ 11th Luxembourg City Film Festival (2021)
 - Official Competition
■ 5th East Asia Film Festival Ireland (2021)
■ Helsinki Cine Aasia Film Festival (2021)
■ Hawaii International Film Festival Spring Showcase (2021)
 - Japan Fest
■ Cheltenham International Film Festival (2021)
 - Best Film, Emerging Director
■ 21st Nippon Connection (2021)
 - Nippon Cinema
■ 35th Filmfest DC (2021)
 - World View section
■ 24th Shanghai International Film Festival (2021)
■ 5th Aswan International Women Film Festival (2021)
 - Feature Film Competition
■ 15th JAPAN CUTS (2021)
 - Feature Slate
■ Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema (2021)
■ 23rd Film by the Sea Film Festival (2021)
 - Panorama
■ Japanese Film Festival Singapore (2021)
 - A Special Showcase of Japanese Female Directors
■ Japannual - Japanische Filmtage in Wien (2021)
■ Kaohsiung Film Festival (2021)
■ 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2021)
■ 15th KINOTAYO Festival du Cinéma Japonais Contemporain (2021)
 - Competition
■ 19th The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme in UK (2022)
■ Annapolis Film Festival (2022)
■ Toronto Japanese Film Festival (2022)
■ 24th Seoul International Women's Film Festival (2022)
■ Japanese Serbian Film Festival (2022)

Mugi Kadowaki (門脇麦), Kiko Mizuhara (水原希子), Kengo Kora (高良健吾)
Written and Directed
Yukiko Sode (岨手由貴子) / “Good Stripes” (’15)
Original novel
Mariko Yamauchi (山内マリコ)
Japan release
February 26, 2021
124 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch