Maybe たぶん

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An original, short film adaptation of a song “Tabun” (Maybe) by the hugely popular musical unit, YOASOBI, famous for turning novels into songs. “Maybe” serves as the theme underpinning three male-female relationships.
The immensely popular singing unit, YOASOBI, has stolen the hearts of today’s Japanese youth with its “novel-turned-song” style. The unit’s first hit, “Yoru ni Kakeru” (Run into Night) released in November 2019 topped both the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and Oricon Weekly Single Ranking charts for multiple weeks, and was streamed over 10 million times in July 2020. Their second single, “Ano Yume o Nazotte” (Tracing that Dream) was a comic adaptation of an original novel, while their third hit, “Harujion” was a beverage and film project collaboration. “Tabun” (Maybe) is their fourth hit debuting on July 20, followed by “Gunjo” (Ultramarine) on September 1. Book publisher Futabasha then issued the “Yoru ni Kakeru YOASOBI novel anthology” as the group’s first foray into print media, expanding their artistic activities. The eponymous short movie is based on YOASOBI’S novel “Tabun” (Maybe).

YOSABI’s debut single “Yoru ni Kakeru” (Run into Night) ranked no. 1 on music charts in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore!

Billboard Japan Hot 100 No. 1
iTunes Comprehensive Charts No.1
Spotify Japan Top 50 No. 1
Amazon Music Unlimited Comprehensive Chart No. 1

Spotify Hong Kong Viral Chart No. 1
Spotify Singapore Viral Chart No. 1
Spotify Global Viral Chart No. 6
JOOX (Indonesian music streaming service) Japanese song chart No. 2


Within vague words, Lies true feeling
Three couples physically separated by social distancing rules find themselves examining their relationships, their heads full of “maybe” questions. Kanon awakes one morning to a loud noise. Roused from her sleep and alarmed by someone having entered her apartment, Kanon finds it is her ex-boyfriend Sasano. Nari is a budding interior designer who is dying to resume relations with her steady boyfriend, Kuro. So she decides to visit him directly. When she rings the bell, she is greeted by Kuro and a pair of high-heeled shoes in the entrance hall. High school soccer player, Kawano, talks via video on his phone with the team’s assistant manager, lamenting the lockdown. Kawano then gets a text message from his friends informing him that Eguchi is moving away. Deep feelings rise up in him after three years of constant moral support from her. Suddenly, Kawano dashes off on his bike to see her.

Rui Kihara (木原瑠生), Rina Ono (小野莉奈), Uta Yorikawa (寄川歌太), Mizuki Yoshida (吉田美月喜), Megane (めがね), Yojiro Itokawa (糸川耀士郎)
Directed by
Yuki Saito
Written by
Ayuka Kishimoto (岸本鮎佳)
Theme song by
Japan release
November 13, 2020
36 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 16:9 / Digital / 5.1ch