Disregarded People 捨てがたき人々

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A man tired of living, and a woman devoted to other’s happiness.
A film asks the meaning of life with brutal force.

The original story by George AKIYAMA. He is one of the most successful comic artists in Japan. He produced many sensational comics creating various greedy characters such as a money monger in Zenigeba, a man eater in Ashura, a lustful man in this Disregarded People (Stegataki Hitobito).
Main character of this film Yusuke Mamiana can’t find the reason to live since he doesn’t have money, job, and attractive looking. The only thing left in him was two desires, one is to fulfill his hunger by eating, and the other is having sex to prove his manliness. By meeting a woman, Kyoko Okabe, he finds both desires comfortably settled down.
How can this impulsive and unplanned man achieve his “Happiness?” And what does it mean to live like a “Human?” Is it guilt to follow our desires? The film is asking us “Happiness” for one person means the same for other person? Can it be compared?
The film depicts the nature of human beings that suffer their lives and struggle to find “love” and “happiness.”

About theDirector: Hideo Sakaki

Born in 1970 in Nagasaki, Japan. He is well-known for his main role in Ryuhei Kitamura’s cult movie 2000’s Versus and 2002’s ALIVE. His debut is in This Window Is Yours in 1995. Also builds up his career as an actor participating such as, in The Choice of Hercules (2002), Azumi (2006), Year One in the North (2005).
SAKAKI is also an excellent movie director. He shot his first short film R’unch Time in 1999 and the film was accepted for a movie festival. He met Ryuhei KITAMURA who won the grand prize at the festival and took a main role of KITAMURA's movie Versus in 2000. While he spent his carrier as an actor, he kept shooting his own films. He even took the part of an assistant director in a few films for experience. And then he moved on to the commercial film. He made his debut as a commercial film director in 2007 by directing GROW. This film is his fifth film and he is preparing his new next project now.

GROW 2007, My Grandmother (僕のおばあちゃん/Boku no Obaa-chan ) 2008, The Accidental Kidnapper (誘拐ラプソディ/Yukai Rhapsody) 2010, Tomato no Shizuku (トマトのしずく) 2011


" People often come out with the words, Wish, Hope etc! But deep in their hearts, what they have in mind is only about Money, Food and Having Sex! "
Yusuke Mamiana, a man in his middle age, came to a port town in the countryside. As ugly and unfriendly Yusuke is, his job doesn't come out well and so does his relation with others. The phrase he often said was "Man, I am tired of living." The place he arrived at last was a hometown he used to live in his early days. The town was where his parents abandoned and left him to be alone.
At the town, no one recognizes him, they rather gave a dubious look to his unpleasant attitude. Among those, he meets a girl, Kyoko, the only one who gave a smile instead of staring at him. Kyoko had a strong complex about being love with someone because of her birthmark in her face. Yusuke, believing Sex is the only thing that could prove he is living, approaches Kyoko, nearly rapes her, and had a relationship with her. Kyoko disgusted by him in the first place, somehow continued the relation as she was treated as a woman.
Soon, they become a "Family" by receiving an unexpected child, resulted by their impulsive satisfaction. Yusuke started to feel a sort of "happiness" like others. But it never lasted long. He finds his sadness and anger exploding by facing and looking at his family without any smiles.

■26th Tokyo International Film Festival (2013)
 - Competition
■38th Hong Kong International Film Festival (2014)
 - Global Vision

Nao Omori (大森南朋), Hitomi Miwa (三輪ひとみ),
Jun Miho (美保純), Tomorowo Taguchi (田口トモロヲ)
Hideo Sakaki (榊英雄)
Original Comic
George Akiyama (秋山ジョージ), published by Gentosha Inc.

Inochi Akiyama (秋山命) 

Japan release
June 7, 2014
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch
OFFICIAL SITE:http://sutegatakihitobito.com