Dogs Without Names 犬に名前をつける日

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A new powerful documentary drama with a heroine and over 200 hours of real footage!
Based on a documentary of over 200 hours of footage taken over a 4-year period by the heroine of this drama, director and reporter Kanami Hisano adds a dramatic protagonist-driven narrative to give birth to a new type of documentary drama depicting the real lives of cats, dogs and the emotions of those who care for them.

Satomi Kobayashi Comments
It began when I met an adopted dog named Muchan when I was given the job of voicing her in a documentary about her life at a Yokohama senior citizens’ home. From there, I was able to meet many adopted dogs and the people who work so hard to help them. I witnessed firsthand the passion and the drive of people going to the greatest lengths to help save animal lives and it thoroughly blew my mind. And then I saw how the dogs that people saved returned the favor to humans in so many ways, with their help and by giving us happiness. It made me hope and pray for the happiness of all dogs.

Also starring Takaya Kamikawa and his adopted dog
In the role of Kanami’s ex-husband is actor Takaya Kamikawa, himself the owner of an adopted dog who appears with his dog in the film. Meanwhile, the theme song, “Nakete Kuru” is written and performed by popular band Ulfls, which is also active in animal conservation, rounding out a cast and crew that is fully sympathetic to the subject of the film.


When I saw what reality was for dogs, I turned on my camera. A moving docudrama about nameless dogs and the people who save them.
A television director, Kanami Hisano (Satomi Kobayashi) is devastated by the passing of her beloved dog Natsu to illness. Then, at the suggestion of an esteemed senior movie director, she starts filming a movie with dogs as the theme, going to adoption centers and shelters caring for dogs within the 20 kilometer “red zone” of the Fukushima nuclear accident. It changes her life. Encountering people thoroughly devoted to the daily struggle of saving even one more animal life, Kanami is tremendously moved. Realizing that action speaks louder than words, Kanami resolves to do something important.

Satomi Kobayashi (小林聡美) ("Kamome Dinner" '05, "Megane" '07, "Pool" '09),Nobuko Shibuya (渋谷昶子), Chibawan (ちばわん),Minashigo-Support (犬猫みなしご救援隊), Takaya Kamikawa (上川隆也)
Satomi Kobayashi (小林聡美) ("Kamome Dinner" '05, "Megane" '07, "Pool" '09),Nobuko Shibuya (渋谷昶子), Chibawan (ちばわん),Minashigo-Support (犬猫みなしご救援隊), Takaya Kamikawa (上川隆也)
Written & Directed
Akane Yamada (山田あかね)
Akane Yamada (山田あかね)
Small hope bay production
Japan release
October 31, 2015
Technical Specs
Color / 16:9 / 5.1ch