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The masterpiece theatrical satire that brought the world its first human-android performing duo is now a major motion picture!
“Sayonara” is the collaborative brainchild of noted Japanese playwright, Oriza Hirata, and leading robotics engineer, Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering) who have fused art and science to bring the world its first acting duo starring a human and a robot.

After the original stage production of “Sayonara” premiered in Tokyo and Osaka, it went overseas to Austria and France to great acclaim and continues to be in high demand for showings around the world. The stage version is being adapted to feature film format for the very first time.

The central character of the android Leona is played by a very human-like robot, Geminoid F, developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro. Her counterpart, Tanya, is a human who lives with the android, and is played by Bryerly Long, reprising her stage role. The unique duo is bolstered by a strong support cast of top Japanese acting talent including Hirofumi Arai, Nijiro Murakami.

About the director
Koji Fukada has already earned global attention as budding film writer and director. His list of achievements include: Best in the Japanese Eyes Section of the 2010 Tokyo International Film Festival and NETPAC Award at the 2011 Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival for Filmhis 2010 film “Hospitalitè”; the Audience Award and Golden Montgolfiere (jury award) at the 2013 Nantes Three Continents Festival for “Au revoir l’été” - and Best Director award at the 2013 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival for the same film.


It is the near future, Japan has become contaminated with massive amounts of radiation. With 80% of Japan severely contaminated, the government makes an official decision to abandon the country and begin evacuating residents by lots. Left behind in the swelling exodus is a South African refugee, Tanya, and her android caretaker, Leona. As people pass them by, the two are left alone together to contemplate life and death, and the distinction between robot and human. What separates them? What meaning does “life” and “death” carry for humans and robots, respectively?

■ 28th Tokyo International Film Festival (2015)
 - Competition
■ 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam (2016)
 - ID: The Genetic Self
■ Göteborg Film Festival (2016)
 - Five Continents
■ Vilnius International Film Festival (2016)
■ 18th Taipei Film Festival (2016)
 - Wild Tales
■ JAPAN CUTS (2016)
■ Braunschweig International Film Festival (2016)
■ 43rd Gent International Film Festival (2016)
 - Spotlight Japan

Bryerly Long (ブライアリー・ロング), Hirofumi Arai (新井浩文), Geminoid F (ジェミノイドF), Nijiro Murakami (村上虹郎), Irène Jacob (イレーヌ・ジャコブ)
Written and Directed
Koji Fukada (深田晃司) (“Hospitalité ’10”, “Au revoir l' été”)
Original Story
Oriza Hirata (平田オリザ)
Technical Advisor
Hiroshi Ishiguro (石黒浩)
Japan release
November 21, 2015
Drama, Sci-Fi
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch