Golden Orchestra! オケ老人!

© Gen Araki, Shogakukan / “GOLDEN ORCHESTRA!” Film Partners


Super popular actress Anne in her first starring film role! Co-starring dreamy Kentaro Sakaguchi (No Longer Heroine ’15, My Love Story ’15) and an elite ensemble of veteran actors!
In the heroine role of Chizuru is Anne, one of Japan’s most popular actresses and daughter of global acting star, Ken Watanabe. Anne has risen to queen of the television drama, winning incredibly popularity and earning high viewer ratings for every drama she has championed. Now she marks her much-awaited lead role debut in a feature film! The cast is rounded out by a stellar lineup of veteran actors, including Takashi Sasano, Yoshiyuki Morishita and Ken Mitsuishi. Director Toru Hosokawa follows up on his highly-received directorial debut of “Paijkaji Nankai Sakusen” (’12) bringing his flair for both comedy and drama to his much-anticipated second directorial work.


A standing ovation for the symphonic mastery of - probably - the world’s most senior orchestra!
Chizuru (Anne) is a newly-hired high school teacher in the town of Umegaoka. Hoping to make use of her experience as a violinist, she joins a local amateur orchestra only to find out that it’s full of senior citizens who can hardly play a note. But Chizuru is too polite to tell a group which has welcomed her with open arms that she mistook the orchestra for another with a similar name. Ultimately, she winds up being the orchestra’s conductor. But soon the Umegaoka Philharmonic, her original target, gives her an opportunity to join them. Will she remain loyal to these well-meaning senior citizens or pursue her own personal musical ambition? Is the senior orchestra capable of ever reaching a performance level? Underscored by great classical masterpieces, Chizuru and an ensemble of Japan’s most lovable elderly bring audiences to a rousing finale.

Anne Higashide (杏), Yuina Kuroshima (黒島結菜), Kentaro Sakaguchi (坂口健太郎),
Ken Mitsuishi (光石研), Takashi Sasano (笹野高史)
Written and Directed
Toru Hosokawa (細川徹)
Original Novel
“GOLDEN ORCHESTRA!” by Gen Araki (Shogakukan Inc.)
Japan release
November 11, 2016
Drama, Music, Comedy
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch