Love's Stoppage Time 初恋ロスタイム

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In the lead role, Mizuki Itagaki is a member of the hugely popular vocal dance group, M!LK selling out arenas across the country. He also earned high praises and the Best New Actor at the Japan Movie Critics Awards in 2015 for his work in "Solomon’s Perjury". In production for three more movies 2019, Itagaki carries immense promise as a rising star in Japanese entertainment.
The heroine is played by Sakura Kiryu who upon becoming the youngest winner ever of the 41st Horipro Talent Scout Caravan was selected to play the lead in the musical Peter Pan as the 10th actress to take on the coveted role, again the youngest ever. Playing the heroine in her very first movie, Kiryu brings a refreshing vibrancy in her acting skills with great physicality, and is rapidly gaining attention as a budding actress.
The key role of the doctor in the movie is played by one of Japan’s leading young acting talents Ryoma Takeuchi ("Yell for the Blue Sky", 2016 & "TEICHI: Battle of Supreme High", 2017).
The film is directed by Hayato Kawai, a youth film genre master who directed "MY love STORY!" (’15) and the cheer dance club movie, "Let’s Go, JETS!" (’17). Kawai now skillfully mixes is a touch of fantasy magic to craft a highly polished spring of youth drama.


Time stops for 1 hour every day. But what does it mean for the fate of two teens?

A bittersweet fantasy romance of youth
Koji Aiba, a university cram school student who lost his mother to illness, despairs that “the world doesn’t always reward effort.” Until one day, all of a sudden, time stops moving. People, automobiles and all things become motionless. Alarmed by the strange phenomenon, Takashi runs out of class and into the street where he meets a young girl who, like himself, isn’t frozen in time. She is Tokine Shinomiya, and every day at 12:15 for one hour, she and Takashi experience what they begin to call “stoppage time.” At first, they revel in the luxury, but gradually come to realize that it hides an important secret.

Mizuki Itagaki (板垣瑞生), Sakura Kiryu (吉柳咲良), Anna Ishibashi (石橋杏奈), Masahiro Koumoto (甲本雅裕) / Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真)
Hayato Kawai (河合勇人) / “MY love STORY!!” (’15), “Let's Go, JETS!” (’17), “My Brother Loves Me Too Much” (’17)
Sayaka Kuwamura (桑村さや香) / “Strobe Edge” ’15
Original Novel
Yuuki Nishina (仁科裕貴)
Japan release
September 20, 2019
104 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch