108: Revenge and Adventure of Goro Kaiba 108 〜海馬五郎の復讐と冒険〜

©2019 “108: Revenge and Adventure of Goro Kaiba” Production Committee


Paragon of Japanese cinema, writer/director/actor, Suzuki Matsuo, directs and stars in his biggest tour de force to date!

Novelist, stage director, actor and movie director, multitalented Suzuki Matsuo marks 30 illustrious years in show business with his latest project directed by and starring the man himself. After acting in numerous Japanese films, Suzuki directed his first picture in 2004 with “Koi No Mon - Otakus in Love”, an official entry in the Venice International Film Festival Critics’ Week that year. His 2007 “Tokyo Tower: Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad” won the 31st Japan Academy Award for Best Screenplay, while the film adaptation of his novel “Welcome to The Quiet Room” (’07) featured an all-star cast including Yu Aoi and Satoshi Tsumabuki who all admire Suzuki’s work and talent.

Director’s Comment
“Like Woody Allen, Mel Brooks and Ben Stiller, anyone who makes a living in the world of comedy dreams of someday directing and starring in his own film. Building on 30 years as a self-professed comedian battling for laughs on a daily basis, I submit for your pleasure a chaotic clusterf*ck of love an erotica!”


A husband seeks revenge on a cheating wife by bedding every woman who “likes” on social media!

Goro Kaiba, having achieved success as a screenwriter, one day learns from a Facebook post that his ex-actress wife, Ayako, is having an affair. Stunned and shocked, he considers a divorce only to realize that half of his assets would be paid to her in alimony, some 10 million yen ($100,000), for her “infidelity”. Turning livid, he decides to take revenge by using that money on his own infidelity. Seething in anger by the 108 “likes” his wife is getting on Facebook, Goro shoots for the same number by going on a wild, womanizing spree as in this unprecedented vengeance drama.

Suzuki Matsuo (松尾スズキ), Miho Nakayama (中山美穂)
Written & Directed
Suzuki Matsuo (松尾スズキ)
Japan release
October 25, 2019
102 min.
Drama, Erotic
Technical Specs
Color / Digital / 5.1ch / 1:2.35
OFFICIAL SITE:https://108-movie.com/