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Everybody has a soundtrack to their lives
“Music Of My Life” is a feature-length movie inspired by letters from ardent fans of SING LIKE TALKING, a Japanese band celebrating its 30th year in 2018. The movie combines footage from the band’s premium live show held at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on August 6, 2016, with narrative depictions of real life stories gathered from fan club members.


Episode I: Love Returns after 20 Years
“I should’ve professed my love back then, never worrying about rejection.”

Kaori is a single mother raising a son and baking bread for a living. One day, she visits a new client in her work and is reunited with Yoichi, a man she dated in high school 20 years ago. It had been a platonic relationship, never leading to even a kiss, so Kaori is very surprised to find romantic feelings she had believed long gone re-emerging at the touch of his hand. When Kaori hears of an upcoming concert by Sing Like Talking, a band they both listened to in high school, she invites Yoichi to go with her. They had been leading separate lives all this time, but a new truth was revealed to them. Music was about to reconnect them after 20 years.

Episode II: Door to the Heart
“Did you and dad want to see Sing Like Talking in concert, Mother?”

When Haru was in high school, she spent most of her time caring for her sick mother. Neither her father nor her younger offered brother are of much help, and Haru did all the cooking and housekeeping herself. Even so, her mother never thanked her for her efforts and never finished her daughter cooked for her. And yet Haru is determined to perfect her mother’s favorite dish, rolled omelette, hoping she’ll love it. Despite frustration after frustration, this is a dutiful daughter who loves her mother.

Episode III: My Child
”This child will be born soon. And I have a name for him.”

Keiko was 7-months pregnant. And as a huge fan of Sing Like Talking, she had decided to name her child after the main vocalist, Chikuzen. But this idea was fiercely opposed to by her husband and sister-in-law. Still, Keiko was determined to name her child “Chikuzen” at all costs, even when her mother-in-law caught wind of the idea. Would it break up the family?

Tomoko Tabata (田畑智子), Takashi Yamanaka (山中崇),
Shiho Takano (高野志穂), Machiko Kochi (東風万智子)
Written and Directed
Yusaku Okamoto (岡本雄作)
Theme Song
Universal Music Japan
Japan release
October 7, 2017
77 min.
Drama, Music
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch