Kozue Osaki's Best-Selling Mystery Novel, SNOWFLAKE, Migrates to 
the Silver Screen!
Adapted from the critically-acclaimed heartwarming mystery, SNOWFLAKE, (Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd.) by popular mystery novelist Kozue Osaki.

2011’s Most Intriguing Young Actress, Mirei Kiritani, Cast in her 
Breakout Lead Role!
Selected to play the lead role in the film is Mirei Kiritani, a charismatic fashion model (Seventeen Magazine) immensely popular among teenagers, but who has recently developed into one of the country's most promising and sought-after film and television stars. Her bio to date includes lead roles in the feature length movies,RUNWAY☆BEAT ('11), Jean Waltz ('11) and From Me to You ('10) plus television series, Arakawa Under the Bridge ('11) and Jotei Kaoruko ('10).

Japan’s Cinematic Future Showcased by Mirei Kiritani and Up-and-Coming 
Leading Men
SNOWFLAKE showcases three of the hottest up-and-coming young actors in Japan with two male lead roles deftly handled by the highly- demanded Haru Aoyama (From Me to You, '10) and rapidly rising film star, Shunya Shiraishi. Shiraishi played opposite Mirei Kiritani in the movie and similarly is also a popular fashion model (Junon, Seventeen). His other film credits include GOKUSEN-The Movie ('09) and the GANTZ series ('11).

The crew of TIME TRAVELLER, the girl who leapt through time 
reunite around their love of a screenplay
Director Masaaki Taniguchi reassembled the talented staff and crew from his blockbuster 2010 hit feature film, TIME TRAVELLER, the girl who leapt through time, (which catapulted leading lady Riisa Naka to great fame). This time, the team was dying to work with Mirei Kiritani and on these scripts. They subsequently succeeded in proving to the world that Mirei Kiritani with her natural cinematic sense and acting talent is on the verge of a breakout as Japan's next major film heroine.


Her childhood friend long believed dead appears to fulfill a 
promise. But could he really still be alive?
Second-year college student, Mano, has grown up in Hakodate in Hokkaido. Ten years ago, she lost her best friend - a boy named Hayato _ due to an accident, and has never been able to forget him and move on. Just as she prepares to leave for Tokyo and embark on a new life, Mano is stalled by the sudden appearance of Hayato’s cousin, Yuma, the spitting image of Hayato, yet fully grown. But with Yuma’s arrival, strange things begin happening around Mano as she resolves to investigate the many unresolved questions surrounding Hayato's death; the most nagging of which is: Just who is Yuma and what does he want?

Mirai Kiritani (桐谷美玲), Haru Aoyama (青山ハル), Shunya Shiraishi (白石隼也),
Kanji Ishimaru (石丸幹二)
Masaaki Taniguchi (谷口正晃)
Hakaru Yaarata (矢新図)
Original Novel
Kozue Ohsaki (大崎梢)
Japan release
August 6, 2011
Drama, Romance
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Stereo