Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl 陽なたのアオシグレ

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Praised by Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children, Summer Wars), animation prodigy Hiroyasu Ishida makes his anticipated theatrical debut
With over 2.3 million views on YouTube for Hiroyasu Ishida’s 2-minute animated short film “Fumiko’s Confession,” Japan’s number one hopeful young animation talent now makes his theatrical debut! Produced during university with a crew of only five, the professional quality of “Fumiko’s Confession” caused a sensation. Upon watching the film, leading animation director Mamoru Hosoda (“Wolf Children,” “Summer Wars”) was taken aback by Ishida’s talent, tweeting “In-credible!” The film went on to win several prizes including a YouTube Video award in 2009 and a Special Mention award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2010. Ishida’s graduation film “Rain Town” won him his second prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival among other accolades. Touted as one of Japan’s most talented future animation creators, Ishida now makes his long-awaited theatrical debut with “Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl”.


Schoolboy Hinata is good at drawing. He has a big crush on his classmate Shigure but is too shy to tell her so he spends his days illustrating his fantastical daydreams about her. One day, Hinata finds out Shigure is leaving Japan. On her last day at school Hinata decides he has to tell Shigure how he feels. When he sees her leaving in a taxi he takes off after her! “Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl” is a whimsical story of young love overflowing with energy.

Horoyasu Ishida (石田祐康)
Japan release
November 9, 2013
Technical Specs
Color / 16:9 / Digital / 5.1ch