Sue, Mai & Sawa: Righting the Girl Ship すーちゃん、まいちゃん、さわ子さん

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Film adaptation of the hit Miri Masuda comic series, "Sue-chan" which 
earned massive support from 30-and 40-something women everywhere
Female cartoonist, essayist and illustrator, Miri Masuda scored a massive hit with her 2.7 million best-selling "Sue-chan" comic series, which continues to gain momentum with every installment.

Three A-List Actors Together for the First Time
Marquee actresses, Ko Shibasaki, Yoko Maki and Shinobu Terajima, join forces for the first time as three women you're likely to meet anywhere.


Yoshiko Morimoto (34) or "Sue" has worked in a stylish cafe for over 10 years, indulging her love of cooking and cleaning up after part-time staff mess-ups and, recently, nurturing a secret crush on the cafe manager. "I wonder if Nakata's seeing anyone," she muses in her daily mental mutterings. It's been a long time since her last relationship and she balks at taking the plunge until her co-worker abruptly confesses to her one day, "Guess what? Manager Nakata and I are getting married." Maiko Okamura, or "Mai" (34) works at an office equipment manufacturer where she nonchalantly shrugs off the daily sexist remarks of her superiors and clients. But in her private life, her emotions swing between joy and gloom at every telephone call from her married lover. Until she drops in to see a dermatologist who gives her some sage advice. "I think I'm trying too hard." And then there's Sawako Hayashi (39), a freelance Web designer who spends too much time with her mother, caring for bedridden grandmother. "If I got married, mom would have to do this all herself," she laments to herself while harboring a guilty desire to be free … until she runs into an old classmate from high school, Yoshida, with hints of a budding romance. All three women met 10 years ago at a part-time job, and have remained close ever since, going on girl outings and meeting at each other's places for dinner. But anxieties bubble under the warmth of good friendship as each girl gives voice to humorous and honest mental mumblings. Amid lives found anywhere, a priceless drama slowly unfolds.

■ 25th Tokyo International Film Festival (2012)
 - Special Screening

Ko Shibasaki (柴咲コウ), Yoko Maki (真木よう子), Shinobu Terajima (寺島しのぶ)
Shota Sometani (染谷将太), Arata Iura (井浦新)
Osamu Minorikawa (御法川修)
Sachiko Takana (田中幸子)
Original Comic
Miri Masuda (益田ミリ), "Su-chan" Series published by Gentosha Inc. )
Japan release
March 2, 2013
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch