The Young Strangers 若き見知らぬ者たち

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A co-production among Japan, France, South Korea, and Hong Kong, "The Young Strangers" features the commercial debut of award-winning director Takuya Uchiyama
Director Takuya Uchiyama, who swept domestic newcomer awards such as the 30th Japan Movie Critics New Director Award and the 25th Shindo Kaneto Award with "Sasaki in My Mind" (2020), has returned with a new film that's attracting worldwide attention.
From its beginning stage of development, this work attracted attention from international distributors and has become a co-production among four countries and regions: Japan, France, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

With a powerful cast and international producers, Director Takuya Uchiyama is set to challenge the international markets
The lead role is played by Hayato Isomura, who has earned trust from filmmakers and international acclaim for "Plan 75” (2022). He portrays the protagonist, Ayato, who struggles with his father's debts and the care of his mother, who has a serious illness. Amid the heavy burdens of family issues and his own life, Ayato tries to grasp a modest happiness. Playing Ayato's girlfriend, Hinata, who devotedly supports his family, is Yukino Kishii from "Small, Slow But Steady" (2022). Shota Sometani, from “HIMIZU” (2013) and “First Love” (2020), plays Ayato's best friend, and Reika Kirishima from "Drive My Car" (2021) plays Ayato's mother.


Ayato Kazama is repaying his deceased father's debts and caring for his mother, who suffers from a serious illness, while working at a construction site during the day and at the karaoke bar his parents opened at night. His brother, Sohei, lives with him and also takes on the debt repayment and caregiving, dedicating himself daily to becoming a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, following in their father's footsteps. Despite their suffocating life, Ayato longs to seize a small piece of happiness with his girlfriend. However, on a night meant to celebrate his best friend's wedding with a modest yet happy gathering, their simple daily life is shattered by unexpected violence.

Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗), Yukino Kishii (岸井ゆきの), Shodai Fukuyama (福山翔大), Shota Sometani (染谷将太), Kenichi Takitoh (滝藤賢一), Kosuke Toyohara (豊原功補), Reika Kirishima (霧島れいか)
Written & Directed by
Takuya Uchiyama (内山拓也)
Japan release
October 11, 2024
Social Drama