The Beast of Comedy 笑いのカイブツ



A major internet phenomenon, the autobiography of a legendary comedy writer comes to the screen with a star-studded cast including Amane Okayama, Masaki Suda, and Taiga.
The script comes from an autobiographical novel, published after popular demand for a book by a legendary “postcard craftsman” comedy writer, the author of the online serial “cakes.”
This is the first feature from Kengo Takimoto, who has gained experience as an assistant under such directors as Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, 10) and Ryuichi Hiroki (ITS’ ONLY TALK, 04).
Joining with this rising new director are well-known figures including scriptwriter Shin Adachi, whose 100 Yen Love (14) won the Best Screenplay Award of the Japan Academy, and cinematographer Yoichi Kamakiri, known for such works as We Made a Beautiful Bouquet (20) and Tokyo Night Sky is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (17).
In the lead role of Tsuchiya is Amane Okayama, a rising young actor known for his work in such well-known titles as the Kingdom series and A Hundred Flowers (22). A highly accomplished cast includes Taiga as an established comedian Tsuchiya reveres, Masaki Suda as the ne’er-do-well who becomes his best friend, and Honoka Matsumoto as Tsuchiya’s love interest.


He loves laughter, and other people hate him. The true story of a desperate, dream-wracked, and crazy young comedy writer.
Tsuchiya, who lives with his single mother in Osaka, does not get serious work once he graduates from high school, but rather devotes himself to mailing jokes to the “Ohgiri” variety show. Seeking to be recognized as a show “Legend,” he devotes his entire life to laughter, setting himself the task of submitting hundreds of entries per day. After several years of this he becomes a Legend, but outside of immediate gratification he gains nothing from this. Next, bringing with him entire notebooks full of jokes, he apprentices at a comedy theater. He is, however, of a stoic disposition devoted only to laughter, and his inability to cooperate makes him unpopular and results in his being fired. At loose ends, he encounters a drifter, Pink, who finds him work at his bar while Tsuchiya now devotes himself to becoming a “postcard craftsman” who submits material to a radio program. The entertainers on the program begin to use material from his postcards.
A comedian Tsuchiya admires, one of a comic duo called “Bacon,” says on the air that he admires Tsuchiya’s material and that he wants “to do material together.” Dreaming of another chance, Tsuchiya heads for Tokyo.
He sets out on his long-cherished dream of creating comedy with these people, but again his single-minded devotion to laughter and his inability to build personal relationships bring him to a devastating conflict with the other staff.

Amane Okayama (岡山天音), Reiko Kataoka (片岡礼子), Honoka Matsumoto (松本穂香), Masaki Suda (菅田将暉), Taiga Nakano (仲野太賀)
Directed by
Kengo Takimoto (滝本憲吾)
Original novel
Takayuki Tsuchiya (ツチヤタカユキ)
Japan release
January 5, 2024
116 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.85 / Digital / 5.1ch