How to Find a Lover こいびとのみつけかた



“You’re Not Normal Either”(’21) Director and screenwriter join forces again to create a love story about two misfits at odds with the world who cannot help but vibe with each other.
From the talented director-screenwriter duo of Koji Maeda and Ryo Takada who brought you the offbeat comedy romance, "You’re Not Normal, Either!" (2021) about two misfits struggling to be “ordinary,” comes their latest work, How to Find a Lover. The film stars Yuki Kura as lead, Haruka Imou as the heroine, and Ryo Narita and Shohei Uno in key supporting roles in this love story between two people at odds with the world.
A lovingly humorous romance unfolds between two eccentric people trying to escape from the pain of reality.


A love story between two people at odds with the world.
Towa has a crush on Sonoko, a woman who works at his local convenience store, and spends his days working at a gardening shop wondering what she must be like. Upon waking in the morning, he wonders how she’s doing today. If they were to walk together, would she walk on ahead of him? But then how adorable the view of her back is.
Until he found Sonoko, Towa had never thought of having a girlfriend. He felt he would run out of time thinking about it. He’s the type of person who stuffs his pockets with article clippings of things that trouble him. There’s England’s Brexit or the destruction of mankind from the extinction of honeybees. But now his head is full of thoughts of Sonoko. If he could only speak to her. But what would he say? Unsure how to approach her, he comes up with a brilliant idea to lay down a path of leaves from the convenience store to where he is, thus luring her straight to him. When at last the two begin exchanging words, nobody around them can understand them, which only serves to deepen their bonds. But there is something that Sonoko is struggling to express. Still, this eccentric man, Towa, and this peculiar woman, Sonoko, have embarked upon a relationship only they can understand to create a world all their own. Now that’s a love story.

Yuki Kura (倉悠貴), Haruka Imou (芋生悠)
Koji Maeda (前田弘二)
Ryo Takada (高田亮)
Japan release
October 27, 2023
99 min.
Romance, Drama
Technical Specs
Color / 1:1.33 / Digital / 5.1ch