Thorns of Beauty 恋のいばら



A remake of talented Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung’s masterpiece “Beyond Our Ken,” directed by Hideo Jojo (“Around the Edge of the Stand”).
A remake of Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung’s movie “Beyond Our Ken,” which was showcased at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2004. This poignant revenge story of two girls falling in love with the same man and forging a secret friendship has been reimagined as a modern girls’ movie by popular director Hideo Jojo and his charming cast.
Director of 2020’s “Around the Edge of the Stand,” Hideo Jojo, takes on the mantle of director and screenwriter. Ever since his success in 2020, he has continued to release highly anticipated movies. Following on the heels of “Dangerous Drugs of Sex” (2000) - chosen for the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - “Believers” (2022) was also selected for the same festival two years later. “Love Nonetheless” also won the Best Screenplay Award at the Udine Far East Film Festival, highlighting Jojo’s popularity both domestically and overseas, making him one of the most sought-after directors.
The co-writer of this movie is Kaori Sawai, who is well-regarded for her depiction of female emotions in her screenplay for “Just Only Love” (2019).

An uplifting girls’ revenge movie starring up-coming stars Honoka Matsumoto and Tina Tamashiro!
Lead character Momo is played by Honoka Matsumoto who has enjoyed a series of lead roles in recent years including the TV drama “In This Corner of the World” (2018) and popular titles such as “My Father, the Bride” (2019) and “Mio’s Cookbook” (2020). Tina Tamashiro, who plays Riko, the aspiring dancer that Momo approaches, is becoming one of the most popular actresses of her generation after her appearances in “Diner” (2019) and “The Flowers of Evil” (2019).


An ex-girlfriend and a current girlfriend. The revenge of two girls, never fated to meet, begins.
One day, Riko, who is dating photographer Kentaro, encounters the mysterious Momo. Momo informs Riko that she’s Kentaro’s ex and entreats her to delete some explicit photographs that Kentaro took of her. At first, Riko refuses, but looking back over her experiences, she finally decides to cooperate. Aspiring dancer Riko and librarian Momo. Although they differ in both looks and personality, an unusual bond grows between them as they plan to break into Kentaro’s room. Over time, they begin to discover Kentaro’s true character.
The day has come to execute their plan. Although Riko and Momo are successful in creating a duplicate key to Kentaro’s house, their infiltration is thwarted with a door chain.
They are on the verge of giving up until Riko comes up with a smart idea, ensuring them successful access to Kentaro’s room. The happiness, unfortunately, is brief, as Kentaro makes an unscheduled return home. The two girls panic. Momo hurriedly hides in the closet and, out of the blue, Riko begins to take her clothes off. As Momo controls her breathing, she is witness to a shocking sight, and a secret that she has kept from Riko becomes clear.

■ 23rd Nippon Connection (2023)
 - Nippon Cinema

Honoka Matsumoto (松本穂香), Tina Tamashiro (玉城ティナ), Keisuke Watanabe (渡邊圭祐)
Hideo Jojo (城定秀夫)
Kaori Sawai (澤井香織), Hideo Jojo (城定秀夫)
Japan release
January 6, 2023
98 min.
Technical Specs
Color / 1:2.35 / Digital / 5.1ch